Reach profitable growth
through our smart customization
and tailored business software

At ActFact we help you bring out the complete and unique nature of your organization. Whatever you do to excel your customer’s expectations, beat the competition, and reward the people that invested their time, money, and love into your organization; we’ve got your back all the way.

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Small and Midsize companies

It is a known fact that the more businesses grow, the more challenges entrepreneurs encounter. Small- to medium-sized businesses require an ERP system that is user-friendly, flexible, and meets their particular needs without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, SMEs usually are the ones which overlook back-office investments and fall into the trap of selecting systems without considering factors such as scalability, compatibility, hidden cost and expected business benefits.

Well established companies

You undoubtedly have well-established processes and a strong culture as a business with a high level of maturity. Once the decision has been reached to adopt an ERP, choosing a suitable system requires understanding your organization and developing a strategy that fits your particular business operations. Nevertheless, it frequently occurs for businesses to select IT solutions that are inappropriate for their needs.

Standard or custom-made?

We are aware that a conventional system may occasionally fall short, and a tailored solution may seem pricey.

ActFact gives you the choice to select the alternative that best suits your organization's requirements and financial constraints. Do you require the quick-to-implement, cost-saving standard modules? Inventory, CRM, accounting, and more... We have your back!

Do you require a specially tailored solution? Think of our offering as a large, modular set. We can combine different elements until we find the ideal one for your business. Is the best of both worlds the solution that you need? Using 80 percent of our industry-standard modules and 20 percent of your own creative input? That’s indeed possible with Actfact’s Cloud Business software.

Why choose ActFact?

Limitless cloud solutions

A system that unites your business across multiple business locations and reveals ways to improve operational performance

Software tailored for your needs

Set up a system that aligns with your organization’ unique processes and combines ActFact's years of consolidated business process experience without limitations in terms of functionality

Ownerships rights on unique modules

Have complete control over the solution and even ownership rights on unique modules developed to support your specific business processes

Lifelong support & maintenance

Receive 24/7 client support directly from the vendor to assure that all your business operations go seamlessly

Why would the software supporting your corporation be a generic "a dime a dozen" piece of software if your company is distinct from its competition? You require an unique solution sustains your growth while also reducing your costs.

Safety & Security

Actfact exclusively uses software defined networking in its data centers. We have a lot to gain from this strategy in terms of security, management, and administration. For ActFact, security is of the utmost importance. We comprehend better than anybody else the importance of keeping your business data private. We can therefore securely disclose information to your clients, vendors, or other chain partners without worrying about data leaks.