ActFact Online

Pharma Nord products are retailed in 45 countries and sold online in 26 different web shops. All maintained from the same Web CMS connected to the different product warehouses. The Web CMS is a product of close cooperation between Actfact and Pharma Nord.

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ActFact Shipping & Cargo

J. Müller uses ActFact business software for it’s core processes with extensive company specific customizations. ActFact supplies a core platform, support services and development tooling for the in house ICT team of J. Müller.

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ActFact E-commerce

The ActFact Web CMS is built to handle scalability and complexity in combination with real time wharehousing. It is an ideal solution for companies with large numbers of different products with complex product compositionsand dependancies.

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About ActFact

We believe in the best possible match of people and software. Working together on the same purpose.

By developing and providing high quality business software we help our (inter)national clients to get the most out of their business. ActFact consists of a team of smart and creative players. We act on the basis of mutual trust, hard data and facts (act on fact). We are always clear and transparent on costs. We meet our commitments by translating your business issues into a technical solution at a fair price. Our partners share and strengthen our strategy. We believe in a sustainable relationship with our clients.

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