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ActFact provides its customers with a highly customizable and adaptable ERP SaaS platform that's being very actively maintained and expanded. ActFact helps its customers use this platform to align their ERP functionality with their organizational needs. This is all done with incredible speed in an agile, robust and secure way. We team up with your company to get the best from the software in order to boost your organization. We help your team wherever and whenever you want us to.

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Our goal is to produce online software that enables our clients to outperform both themselves and their rivals. We assist our clients in embracing change. We support them, and when we work together, we can respond decisively to new circumstances more quickly, effectively, safely, and robustly. We acknowledge that all software is there to serve people; not the other way around.We are committed to providing unmatched client intimacy and support.

Our values & company cultureĀ 

At ActFact, our clients come first. It's really that easy, and we enjoy helping. We are what we are because of it. We have a strong desire to identify the best solution and are constantly willing to go above and beyond. We collaborate together and demand nothing less from one another than commitment, perseverance, and quality in code. At ActFact, everyone must feel secure and taken care of. Our company's cultural and individual variety inspires us, and we firmly believe in accessibility for all. We have the capacity for creativity and a wider viewpoint because of this diversity. We do not accept racism, bullying, or other forms of discrimination, and we think the only criteria that should be taken into consideration when hiring or forming teams are competency and compensation.

Software oplossingen

We help you migrate from your current ERP system with automated scripts quickly. We work completely transparant and have a great way of timekeeping. This way you will not only know how far along we are on the pre-agreed budget, but also on the actual work that needs to be done.


What's working at ActFact really like?

At ActFact we are proud of our diverse team with people employed from more than 6 different counties. We enjoy learning about our different and shared cultural backgrounds at the Friday afternoon gatherings. The default language internally is English. We employ quite a few students from the University Twente and  Saxion University of Applied Sciences. They get to pick their own working hours and can, of course, work part-time and from home. Whatever suits you best.
Some of our favorite activities are sharing homemade insanely spicy foods and scrumptious craft beers. We also like our online games and hit town every now and again. Or maybe you're more of a (vegan) grillmeister? We do that to.
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