ActFact Nonprofit is a comprehesive software solution for organisations that:

  • Manage a portfolio of programmes and projects
  • Need full and integrated financial control over the programme portfolio
  • Have a need to monitor and report on the achievement of a wide range of non financial results
  • Distribute or disburse funding from different donors or funding organisations to a range of implementing or funded organisations


Because of its specialized and extensively configurable features ActFact Nonprofit is suitable for a wide range of different organisations like governmental departments or agencies, non-governmental organisations, charities and foundations.

ActFact Nonprofit has wide functional scope and offers you full integration and easy access of information. Programme management, monitoring of non financial results, finance & accounting, CRM, workflows: all are handled from one single system.

Actfact Nonprofit is an online hosted solution provided for a fixed fee. There is no up front investment in software & installation on local ICT systems necessary. You can start implementing right away.

  • Earmarked funding
  • Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation tooling
  • Fully integrated with accounting & CRM
  • Integrated Web Content Management
  • External partners portal
  • Mobile App