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'Brilliant architecture'

’Compiere is the world's most renowned Open Source ERP solution and has a brilliant architecture’. Words of praise spoken by Steve Bailey, Chief Technology Officer of Consona…


AFFM Community Day

You are cordially invited to the ’Community Day’ which aims to introduce you to the Open Source ERP module 'ActFacts Funds Management' and the associated community comprising of NGO colleagues. Date: 18th October, 2011 Time: 13.00 – 18.00 Location: Hivos, The Hague (The Netherlands)


AFFM 2.2. training

In collaboration with Solidaridad, ActFact is organising on 21st September, 2011 at Solidaridad's Utrecht office a functional training for AFFM 2.2. In this training, the AFFM module will be fully addressed.


ERP with added-value

For many companies the ERP system forms the backbone of their business. To get the system to work, companies often go through the painful process of changing their business practices. That works fine, until changes in these business practices becomes essential. Then the system starts to hinder efforts.

The solutions, which ActFact has developed based on Compiere ERP, works differently. Compiere is as much a backbone to your automation, but one that is easily adapted due to Open Source.

The use of Open source means that the system can be adapted to your own needs. Furthermore, the basic system is available to download for free. You pay for the implementation, development and support, with no upfront purchase costs. As a consequence, your investment can be directed to additional ICT functionality and innovation, so you get more value for the same money.

In many cases, additional functionalities find their way back to the international community. Therefore, you don't need to reinvent the wheel every time, but make use of proven solutions and build on them.

Your benefits

  • more value for money (lower TCO)
  • easier to connect to new developments in your business
  • sustainable work through reuse of code


Compiere ERP/CRM is an international leader in Open Source ERP. Since 2001, ActFact has been closely involved in developments within Compiere and is a certified implementation partner for the Netherlands and Flanders.